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Pickin' Like Chet Volume 2 (2 DVD Set)

Pat Kirtley is a gifted performer who blends the rich musical heritage of Merle Travis and Chet Atkins with imagination and masterful contemporary technique, in styles "from Bluegrass to Brazilian." As a creator of new acoustic music, Pat has penned a virtual library of fresh, lyrical compositions for guitar. His deadpan wit, engaging personality and splendid versatility combine to create a unique musical experience, delighting audiences at concerts, festivals, and workshops throughout the United States and abroad. Here are some typical listener comments from Pat's shows - "…he is a superb guitarist, whose music makes you grin, sigh, shake your head", "...a wonderful, inspiring evening", and "Pat is funny, musically gifted, and immensely entertaining".

Pat's talents won him the title of US National Finger Style Champion in 1995, National Thumbpicking Champion in 1994, and his playing has since garnered international praise. In 2006, Pat became the newest inductee to the National Thumbpicking Hall of Fame. He was hailed as one of "The Next Generation: Hot New Acoustic Acts for the Millenium" by Acoustic Guitar Magazine. As a featured performer, Pat has toured across the USA, and internationally in Japan, China, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, and Austria.

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    Pickin' Like Chet Volume 2 (2 DVD Set)

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    Chet Atkins was a master in many aspects of the guitar. One of his greatest skills was his uncanny talent of discovering songs which would “work” as fingerstyle arrangements, and then using his musical genius to forge them into enduring masterpieces. National Fingerstyle Guitar champion Pat Kirtley has assembled a collection of favorites from Chet’s “Golden Era” – some of the best of Chet Atkins’ vintage classic tunes – and teaches you the secrets of how it’s done, and how to get the feel of the originals in this double DVD.

    In Pat Kirtley’s second double instructional DVD on the playing of the legendary Chet Atkins he presents another six great Chet arrangments. Pat carefully dissects each tune and then puts them back together,step by step, so the student can not only learn to play each arrangement, but also gets a sense of the feel and history of each piece. Pat teaches you note by note and phrase by phrase.

    Using split-screen you can study both the left and right hands in detail. 

    Disc One: Rose Ann, Down Home, Somebody's Knockin' (62 minutes)
    Disc Two: Trambone, Drive In, Alice Blue Gown  (60 minutes)

    Bonus Tracks: Chet Atkins performing The Poor People of Paris, Side by Side, Makin' Believe (1955) and Villa, Say Si Si (1958)

    122 minutes • Level 3/4 • Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVDs

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